couple-at-river-sept-2016 PEACE & NATURE: The ideal getaway close to Johannesburg. Look no further than our beautiful Otters' Den guest house at the riverside. Or maybe choose the Full Moon Bush Cabins for your group exclusively. Call now +27 82 475 8767 or email

HIKING TRAILS: Take a relaxed stroll in our fields and forest, or test yourself against the Dome Bergland. Lots of trails. Guide available.

CYCLING TRAILS: From easy to tough, from single track to gravel roads, come with kids, friends or your club. Bikes and guide for hire.


American style rafting on guided oar boatsĀ and paddle rafts

Bring the family and enjoy an exciting trip with a guide on board the raft with you. Run the river in expert hands, wield a paddle yourself, and show the kids how nature in the raw is fun! Ages 6 to 75. Bring granny too! Read all about us here.


Otters' Haunt and The Riverman are offering the wonderful 5-day ORANJE GORGE TRAIL between May and September. Don't miss this best and most exciting of all rafting safaris - Kalahari desert scenery, fun rapids, great hikes, fishing and relaxing. School holiday trips. Contact Graeme 084 245 2490 or Karen 082 475 8767 or Watch the video.

Meditation on kids’ parties

Kids floatalongWe just love this picture of two boys meditating during a family river trip on the Vaal. I guess their parents are into Eastern religions and they’ve picked it up. Imagine how much of a better place the world would be if allĀ  youngsters learnt to delve into themselves to find peace in the universe.

The meditation got me cogitating – not just thinking, but planning new family adventures in the coming spring and summer. This is a wonderful setting for a birthday party. We are doing many float trips – rafting downriver on very mild rapids – in our paddle rafts. Moms, dads, kids and dogs take to the water. Some paddle, some don’t, but one thing is sure, they have a whale of a time in the big boat.

Kids floatalong

Raft guide Karen (back left) with Linda and the horde on the Vaal River.

After traversing a few channels among the islands they stop off for a picnic on the rocks (meditation time!). It all reminds me of the

poem by Edward Lear:

The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat;
They took some honey and plenty of money
Wrapped up in a five pound note…

I don’t remember what happened to Owl and Pussycat after that but I guess they chilled out on the river and came home at peace with themselves and the world!Kids raft picnic

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